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Clint & Jessie Lowe

Clint and I (Jessie) met in 2015 working together at a Liberty University football game. It was friendship at first sight based on our mutual love for "The Office"... our real love story came later after some trial and error! We married in 2018 and have made Lynchburg, VA our home until the Lord leads us on a new adventure. 

PaintedFaithCo first started as a little handlettering Etsy business in January of 2017. Once Clint and I met and got serious about our lives, Clint wanted in on the business and found himself learning how to cut wood and build signs for PFC, which then inspired his advanced woodworking endeavors. We watched the Lord multiply our business, while also realizing the namesake I chose, Painted-FAITH-Co was going to be the necessary virtue to lead us forward. In faith, we've spent the last 3 years investing into our business and our individual talents, and have worked hard to find the best ways to personally serve everyone who comes to us.


Through the process of success, failure, and growth we've developed a few standards that we abide by, one being that only our highest quality work gets to leave our workshop. (If we don't like it, it doesn't leave!) Our second is that in everything we do, we hope it brings glory to the Lord -- the one who gave us the talents and provision -- and not ourselves. We feel blessed by every person who comes to us for a service, believing that God puts no one across our path without a purpose, and we have the wonderful privilege of praying for.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported PaintedFaithCo along the way -- we quite literally could not do this without you! And to our future customers, we can't wait to meet you. 


Clint + Jessie

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